The safety and health of our employees, business partners, contractors and the general public is of the utmost importance. Chinova is committed to minimising the impact of its activities on the environment and will work proactively with the relevant groups to achieve this.

In order to achieve our safety, health and environmental objectives, comprehensive systems are in place to encourage behaviours that result in alignment with the following principles:

  • Every injury is preventable.
  • Safe behaviour is a condition of employment.
  • We will assess risk in all that we do.
  • Application of high standards of health, safety and environment management in all company activities.
  • Line management accepts responsibility for providing adequate resources and effective training to enable people to work to recognised standards of compliance for safety and environmental management.
  • A work culture and systems that encourages incident reporting and investigation that identifies root causes for incidents, including systemic failures and provides for remedial actions.
  • Regular communications within the organisation on health, safety and environmental issues and the effectiveness of their management.
  • Promotion of 'off job' awareness for health, safety and environmental issues among employees, their families and the surrounding community.